SOCIYO amazing features are second to none. We continuously strive to innovate. We revere our client as our think-tanks, hence listening to our client and their requirement is deeply rooted in the DNA of SOCIYO.

Networking and communication APP (COMBOOK) for Residents

Conversations, Photos and Albums, Groups.

  1. Notice Board, Instant Poll, Activities
  2. Flat Information Management
  3. Apartment Payments and Account Maintenance
  4. Helpdesk and complaints
  5. Facility Management & Booking
  6. Documents Management
  7. Member List and Vendor Directory

SOCIYO Security (SOS)

Visitor Notification

  1. Domestic Staff Management
  2. Call for Immediate Assistance from Neighbors, Guards
  3. Staff Gift-Pass
  4. Staff List & Reviews
  5. Expected Visitors
  6. Resident ID Card


  1. Book a Service
  2. Vendors
  3. Classifieds

SOCIYO Apartment Management Software (SAMS) for Admins

Manage Users – tenant and owner details:

  1. HelpDesk Tracker
  2. HelpDesk Tracker
  3. Asset & Inventory Tracker
  4. Secret Ballot
  5. Admin Reports
  6. Maintenance Contacts
  7. Setup Apartment Profile
  8. Domestic Staff Manager
  9. Parking Manager
  10. Integrated Online Payment Gateway

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