Why Sociyo

Benefits of SOCIYO:

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1. Cloud based solution

a. No onsite installation or requirement of infrastructure to support the software.

b. Enhanced data security

c. Scalable and highly customizable
d. Minimum installation time

2. Stable and bug free software

a. No downtime once society starts using SOCIYO

b. Zero resident complaints due to software issues

3. Integration capabilities

a. CCTV integration

b. QR Code/ RFID integration

4. Exceptional Service helpdesk

a. We treat all our customers as premium customer and we provide premium support 24/7 over mail, phone..

b. Dedicated relationship manager

5. All in one solution

a. Availability of mobile app for residents of the society (Android/iOS)

b. Web based comprehensive interface for society administrators

6. Reasonable total cost of ownership

a. SOCIYO prices and services offered are as customized according to the user and value for money as is the software.