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We at SOCIYO are determined to bring in convenience and efficiency in a resident focused way. It does come with all the features the society administrators, RWA or Apartment Associations need like circulating notices at the click of a button, generating reports on society’s expenses and accounting, visitor logs, maintaining society information etc. in order to help residents, who in spite of Busy and hectic work schedules, volunteer to become President, Secretary, Treasurer in Housing Societies

During these times of digital world, one may wonder, wouldn’t it be nice to have the apartment digitized and have the ability to carry out all the apartment related activities on the go, like the convenience of paying the apartment maintenance dues from the comfort of home, not having to leave the company of one’s family after a hectic day at office?



In this fast moving world, finding time to relax and spend with family is a luxury everyone would pay happily for.

Staying in a gated society comes with many perks of its own; security, connectivity and convenience but sometimes one may wonder if finding a domestic help in a new society, raising a complaint to the society administration, finding the contact details of the local electrician and plumber, notification on guests arrival at society’s gate, connecting with the fellow residents, joining like-minded groups has to be a time consuming affair and couldn’t there be a more efficient and convenient way.